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Let organization ends here, already in final compact form.

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Universal CLI (Command Line Interface)

.Net Core based technology, ever-improving interface

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Modern Desktop

Read to use WPF Windows desktop front end

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Tag-base file management

Organize local files like never before! Use tags, unlimited-length file names, non-hierararchical system to manage all your files in one place*. Make notes directly within the filesystem, and keep everything related to each other through tags. Keep all your old folders if you want, but beware you will quickly want to drop that from your workflow! With integrated knowledge subsystem and markdown preview, this can turn your ordinary folder and isolated files into a coherent ecosystem you never even knew possible before. With non-intrusive native filesystem based approach, the speed of your access is only limited by the underlying hardware.

*: It's recommended you create multiple Home folders for each specialized subject for better organization clarity, instead of actually putting all your files in one place.

†: This is achieved through deploying a dedicated SQLite database for note management and allowing adding meta information to arbitrary files.

Available for (Linux and Mac version CLI is intended in future release)


Download the binary executables or compile from soruce on Github release page.

Current platform:

Future support: (Linux and Mac are being tested, but source should compile directly with .Net Core support)

Read the ChangeLog.


Designed to interplay

Items, who?

A revolution in file management. Unified concept of files, folders, notes and knowledge. Every single item you love and cherish, all together. Tags in Somewhere are first-class, meaning they are managed and significant in themselves. When you get your items managed in a Somewhere Home, tags are defined separately and independently from tagged items - you have the best of both worlds, without losing integrity. Clearly documented and text-based data formats enable easy interoperation with custom programs out-of-box. Develop your own front-ends with existing SomewhereStandard.dll .Net Library. You have control over your own data.


This app is just so awesome.












Media Previewable

Documentation is King

Theory-backed file management with a style.

  • Code
  • All source code open
  • SQLite Based
  • Modern WPF
  • .Net Core Platform
  • Heavily Documented
  • Free forever

  • Software
  • 5K-10K Target Item Count
  • Absolutely Self-Contained
  • In-App Document Preview
  • Actively Used and Maintained
  • Efficient Desktop Workflow
  • Designed to Last

Now available for Windows and Linux, or in source code form.